Captain Morgan's Revenge started as a trio from Novo mesto. Max and Jim were friends from early beginnings of their musical journey and Alex was a guitarist of Jim's former metal band.  It all started in Jim's garage, where they recorded the first demo of Don't Let The R'n'R die. Once those 3 friends decided how to name their project they sent the song to a couple of local radios. Just for fun. Then it happened. The crowd loved the purity and the power of that simple rock'n'roll song and wanted more. They said OK. Released another song and again... same story. Few days after, Nejc Godec came into the band and on 4th of December 2015, the band officially went public with their first concert. And so it goes...

In 2017 they released their third single Same Fools, recorded a video, and some homemade demo EP, for promotional purpose. Soon after that, they had to say goodbye to Alex... Sigi came to the band and brought some fresh bluesy vibes to the music. In 2018 they released a Video for their first »soft« song Say You'll Be Mine just to tease the crowd and on May 18th, released a Full length, »live vibed«, debut album Queen Of The Night. The band played almost all the main venues in Slovenia and had some great gigs abroad. One of the most memorable was on Demofest 2018, where they lit the crowd “on fire”. Not even the storm could stop them at that moment when the band played their first riff.

So here we are... It's 2019. Žiga had to quit the band because it was taking to much time, the band got a true maniac on a guitar Johnny J. and immediately started making new material. First single with Johnny (My Worst Enemy) was released on 26th of April and not long after that, we welcomed Klemen Krajnc to the band.


Stay tuned, we got more to come ;)

Jim Morgan

Vocals, Guitar

Nejc Godec


Klemen Krajnc


Johhny J.










Supporting Hero